Children’s Dentistry
Children Dentistry

Dynasty Tower Dental offers a range of pediatric dentistry services, including Education, Prevention, and Treatment.
Our services are designed on educating children and families to improve healthy habits and prevent tooth decay, but in case, we can repair and restore your child’s smile.

We generally see patients every six months for routine check-ups and cleanings, unless Dr. Farshad recommends an alternative treatment plan.

    • Brushing
    • Flossing
    • Diet and Nutrition
    • Healthy Habits, Routines, and Approaches
    • Routine Check-Ups
    • Cleanings
    • Fluoride
    • Digital X-rays and Imaging
    • Sealants
    • Goody Bags and Prizes
    • Metal-Free Fillings
    • Crowns
    • Extractions
    • Pulpotomies (Root Canals)
    • Other Restorative Procedures
Children Dentistry
Behavior and Pain Management
Children Dentistry
Behavior Management

Dr.Farshad is a Dentist with many years of experience devoted to delivering dental care to children most compassionately and comfortably possible. He encourages open communication between doctors, patients, and parents.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is commonly called laughing gas and is often recommended for children that need to undergo a dental procedure that may be uncomfortable or cause fear or anxiety. The purpose of Nitrous Oxide is to make it more comfortable for your child to receive the necessary dental care with less pain and/or anxiety. (awake)


Choosing the safest modality to manage the behavior of young, immature, and sometimes frightened children, as well as those who may have physical or mental limitations, is a challenge unique to the dentist. (awake)

General Anesthesia

When your child is having a huge procedure or surgery that requires anesthesia, it’s understandable to be a little uneasy. The goal is to make and keep the patient completely unconscious (or “asleep”) during the operation, with no sensations, feeling of pain, awareness, movement, or memory of the surgery. General anesthesia can be given through an IV (which requires a needle stick into a vein, usually in the arm) or by inhaling gases or vapors.

Our decision to do any of the steps of pain management for a child is made solely with the best interest of the child in mind. Please keep in mind that we do not choose a treatment modality based on what is most convenient for the doctors or the parents/guardians. Our goal is to facilitate a pleasant experience that does not cause your child a lifetime of fearful dental visits.
Please for more information call Dynasty Tower Dental at 416-223-7711 now, and make an appointment to see Dr.Farshad and take the best option.