Root Canal

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

One of the most common types of dental procedures that we perform is root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is required when the dental pulp inside your tooth which is composed of nerves and blood vessels becomes infected or injured. The dental pulp provides your tooth with nerves and minerals; however, if it becomes injured, it can harm your entire tooth’s health. This can happen from a number of causes, including severe decay, injury, or trauma.

Root Canals

One Visit Root Canal Therapy

During your root canal therapy, you will first be given anesthesia to ensure your complete comfort. The dental pulp is then carefully removed and the inner pulp chamber is refilled with a dental material. The tooth is then resealed by filling material.

Two Visit Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes due to long-standing infection or inflammation, the dentist prefers to finish root canals in two appointments. Considering above mention situation after applying an anesthetics, the dentist opens the pulp chamber and cleans every vital component to the root tips, instead of inserting a permanent filling inside the roots, the dentist will insert a temporary medication inside the pulp chamber which will reduce infection and inflammation. Medications stay at least for a week and during the next appointment will be replaced by a permanent filling. This will reduce the chance of recurring infections in the future.

What Should Be Done After Root Canal Therapy

In order to preserve tooth structural integrity, it is strongly recommended to cover the root-canaled tooth with a porcelain crown. A porcelain crown reduces the chance of cracking or chipping of root canal teeth. usually, it’s needed to be done four to six weeks after the root canal has been done.
like every other dental treatment if you had any issues after root canal treatment, call the office and visit Dr. Farshad again.

While root canal treatments may sound scary for some patients, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Our practice has been open for over 30 years which means that we have a lot of experience performing root canal treatments and providing our patients with exceptional dental care. To learn more about root canal therapy, contact Dynasty Tower Dental in North York on Yonge and Finch to speak with one of our experienced staff today.