Welcome, New Patients!
Welcome to the Dental Office of

Dr. Farshad Firoozabadi

We want to thank you for visiting the Dynasty Tower Dental website! New patients often comment about how friendly our team is, and we’re proud of our ability to help every person who steps through our door feel comfortable and relaxed.
If this is your first visit to the dentist in a long time, we’re here to help. Our comprehensive services and fully customized treatment plans fit your needs, budget, lifestyle, and goals.
From time to time, treatment can be performed during the first visit. However, a complex medical history or treatment plan will require one or more additional appointments to provide treatment.

New Patient
Please help yourself by providing the following information at the time of your consultation:
  • X-rays (if applicable)
  • A list of medications you are presently taking.
  • If you have medical or dental insurance, bring the information. This will save time and allow us to help you process any claims.

IMPORTANT: Please alert the office if you have a medical condition that may be of concern before surgery (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, artificial heart valves and joints, rheumatic fever, etc.) or if you are on any medication (e.g. heart medications, aspirin, anticoagulant therapy, etc.).

At Dynasty Tower Dental, Dr. Farshad is dedicated to providing a personalized and high-quality dental care experience.
We highly recommend professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year in combination with your at-home oral hygiene routine.

Your First Visit

Your initial appointment usually will consist of consultation, examination, and review of your treatment options.
During your visit, we’ll listen to your health concerns and goals, review your past medical and dental history, answer all your questions, and explain options that will be the best for you.
Usually your first appointment in Dynasty Tower Dental will includes:
  • Full Mouth Set of Digital X-Rays
  • Unhurried time to Complete examination by Dr. Farshad to discuss his finding
  • Thorough periodontal (Gum Evaluation) and Tooth exam
  • A treatment plan personalized just for you
  • Oral hygiene and cleaning will be recommended

Dynasty Tower Dental for your convenience and paying more attention to your dental health provide Special Offers for new patients. please call us and use the offer.
Also if special Financial Arrangements are needed, our financial coordinator will create a plan that works best for you.

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