Dr. Farshad Firoozabadi, Dentist

Dr. Farshad Firoozabadi

Owner / Dentist

Dr. Farshad Firoozabadi graduated from Dental School in 1995, Iran. After graduation, he associated for 4 years and then started his first office in 2000. Dr. Farshad will tell you that he cannot see himself in any other profession than dentistry. His passion lies in Implant and Orthodontic treatments.

During last few years Dr. Farshad is mostly concentrated on Implant treatments. He also loves working with family and treating a wide range of dental needs. Dr. Farshad takes great pride in staying up-to-date with latest in dental technology in order to provide the highest quality care. When he is not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, also he loves to play Aikido.

Member of:
    • Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO)
    • Ontario Dental Association (ODA)
    • Clear correct (clear braces)
Completed advanced courses:
    • Advance Dental Implants Course (All-on-four)
    • Advance Orthodontics Course

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Lotti joined The Dynasty Tower Dental in 2017, and shares with our patients her 10 years of experience. After passing the CDA exam for dental assistant II, Lotti followed up with the Nitrous Oxide Sedation Monitoring and Coronal Polishing Certification. She also maintains a CPR certification and an X-Ray license. So far her most gratifying acquirement is being an Expanded dental assistant, which allows her to work one on one with patients needing composite restoration.

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